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Friday, September 11, 2009

Thanks Twin

Today my Yip Twin treated me to a birthday dinner at Chinatown! She seems to always bring me to Chinatown for good food, her neighbourhood what... I decided to wear the same England jersey which I wore 5 years ago when she brought me to Dian Xiao Er (which was still humbly located in Chinatown) This place is called Li Dong Ji, their signature dish is the Ipoh Hor Fun and oh my goodness, the hor fun was really tasty! I had the beef brisket hor fun, everything about it was just so good. The taste of it reminds me of the old coffee shop at Tiong Bahru that my parents used to bring me when I was just a little kid.

Cindy said it looks like cow dung! Haha... if cow dung ever tasted so nice, then I won't mind having cow dung everyday!!!

Wow man, this beef brisket hor fun is so good that the next time I am there, I will order 2 bowls!

This is proof that my Twin paid for our dinner. Besides the ipoh hor fun, we also had the herbal chicken soup and the Swee Jiao soup. The prawn in the swee jiao was so fresh and tender and the chicken soup tasted really nutritious. Before we left, I told the waitress that the beef brisket hor fun was really good. When she walked back to the cashier, the lady boss asked her what did I tell her. The waitress replied and I could see how happy the lady boss was! I thought we should give people credit when it is due... a simple appreciation for her food can hopefully spur her to cook even more delicious treats for us!

Self taking technique at her highest!

After the dinner, we headed for Keppel Bay, had desserts at Prive.

This was one of 3 desserts which we ordered. This one is really good, this is a warm banana crusty stuffs. We stayed until 1030pm and what a foody night we had! Thank you Twin for always making the effort to bring me out for some good food for my birthday!

Marcus XA
YNWA @ 11:55 PM

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What did I do on 9.9.09 ???

Yes, today is that day that a lot of people has been talking about. I have friend who wants to tahan until today to give birth, and from the news, a lot of couples are talking their vows at ROM, etc...

For me, I had a very 1st, i.e. I went karaoke for the 1st time with my colleagues! You know, I hardly go out with my colleagues, perhaps because I do not belong to any cliques in my workplace or maybe I just have too many friends (and also ex-pupils!!!) to go out with! And yes, I thoroughly enjoyed myself at KBox today. On Monday, I actually overheard my colleague, YF, talking about karaoke, so I also kaypoh lah, joined in the conversation and then she asked me if I want to join for karaoke. The best thing is I also don't know which other colleagues are going! But I really don't mind going with anyone because this is the short Sep holiday and I just want to relax and enjoy a bit before I round off the year with the last school term. We sang so many English songs today and even though we are not that old, we actually sang a lot of evergreens! It's a change from the Chinese songs which I usually belt out with my good buddies!

My ex-pupils, maybe you know some of them!

Oh yes, before I call it a day, I also went for a haircut on 9.9.09! I told the hair stylist that I was amazed how my ex-pupils' hairstyles were so in fashion and I also wanted something stylo-milo for myself! haha... this is what I got! I am quite pleased with it. What do you think?? hehe...

Marcus XA
YNWA @ 10:28 PM

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

GESPS Class 607 (2004) Outing

Today I finally get to have a "proper" gathering with my ex-pupils at Vivo City. I met Adeline, Chung Aik, Jia Ming, Michaela, Weichard, Xueli and Zhan Hua. This outing was actually arranged on 31 Aug 2009 when Adeline and Chung Aik came back to GESPS to visit me. I have rejected Chung Aik so many times whenever he wanted to meet up and I thought this holiday would be the best time to call everyone up to meet. I must admit I felt bad towards him and I must thank him for tolerating and waiting for me to arrange an outing. Haha...

I gave them a treat at Carl's Junior, actually wanted to treat them something even better but my pocket really tight man! Haha...when I get my bonus in Dec I will treat u all something slightly better ok?! We played True or Dare when we finished our lunch and I must admit that it was really fun "spinning the glass bottle" on CA's Ipod. Michaela also popped by to visit us and she gave me a letter that will truly inspire me to be a better lao shi! haha... Thank you Michaela for your kind words. I wish you all the best too!

I have always said...this is the best group of pupils which I have ever taught, and I am going to sing their praises again here in my blog-"Hey, pupils, 你们是叶老师最棒的学生!" Haha... don't puke ok?! This is definitely my "真心话" Till we meet again in Dec (or even earlier?).......

This has got to be the best pic of the day!

2 matured man. (Weichard and me)

Cute girl and fatherly dad.

A sissy boy and a little bit sissy man!

Wow! Lots of strength!

A memorable day for all of us!
(left to right : Zhanhua,Weichard,Xueli,Jia Ming, Me,?????,Adeline)

Marcus XA
YNWA @ 11:37 PM

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Michael Learns To Rock Concert

I took part in the Class 95 "MLTR Family Tree" contest and won myself a pair of concert ticket, a CD hamper and the best of all, a chance to meet the group backstage!
I was shaking my butt and swaying my luminous light stick throughout the concert. Sad thing was that not everyone was doing that, most of the concert goers (i didn't use the term "fan") were sitting down! OMGoodness! MLTR sang almost all of their best hits and they really sing well "live"! The band even commented that the fans love their really slow songs and most of their songs sounded the same! In fact, I think that was really true but what the heck, I really love their songs!

He is the lead singer, Jascha.

This is the placard which I made.

This is my autographed CD album! My prized possession now!

Thank you Michael Learns To Rock!

Yes! Group photo with the band!!!!!! Still can't believe this is happening in front of my eyes! Thank you MLTR, the people at Class 95 and also Evelyn from warner brothers music for making this possible!

Marcus XA
YNWA @ 12:19 AM

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Marcus 33 liao!

Haha...yes, I will be 33 in a few hours time. I just came back from Dempsey Hill "House Camp Barracks"! I got a really CRACKING card and a Davidoff Cool Water from Cindy! YEAH! It's been awhile since I last used Cool Water.

7pm today-we reached the entrance, we were greeted by a polite gentleman. I asked him if this is the 1metre long sausage place, he said yes and we were ushered to a cosy table. Finally tasted the 1metre long sausage and it was really good! We chose the pork one.

LOOK! The porky sausage stretches from one end to another end of the table!

The alcoholic drinks are also highly recommended here and I got myself a Latin Fling, a combi of pineapple, lemon and rum (i think!)... the alcohol content was really high man! I was all red after downing it! But it was really good signature cocktail of this cafe.

This place also sells weird ice-cream! They call it the Savoury Ice-Cream! Hmm...

Yes, you didn't read it wrongly, the ice-cream is indeed "Truffle Mushroom" flavour! I tried it and I love it! Raw mushroom taste, not exactly all savoury, but a tinge of sweetness combined to deliver a pleasant taste.

Overall verdict of this place? 4.5 out of 5! 0.5 was deducted for the air-con! Not cold enough! The service was excellent and the food was good quality, will definitely return!

Marcus XA
YNWA @ 9:55 PM

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Batam Birthday Celebration

Thanks to all The Gangsters aka Animal Farm who celebrated my birthday with me in Batam. You guys ROX!

Thanks brother Alvin for the effort in drawing the SPONGEBOB Birthday card! It definitely rank highly on the list of "My BEST Birthday Card"! Thank you all who got me this stunning new Liverpool away jersey! It's really a blessing to have you all as friends and also, that the new Premier League season usually start around my Birthday! hahaha...

It was really a nice surprise to have the band sang the birthday songs for me and Wati (hers on 23 Aug!) Really a memorable moment then! Thank you all for making every moment of my life so special and so memorable!

Marcus XA
YNWA @ 10:49 PM

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Do You Know?

As you might already know, Las Vegas is also known as the Sin City. You would expect to find all the most devilish vices there right? But I just found out from wikipedia, that contrary to what many people believe, prostitution is actually illegal in Las Vegas!

That's me in Vegas, 4 years ago! Nope, i didn't go into the topless show. (REALLY!)

Marcus XA
YNWA @ 3:11 AM

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