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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


No Medicine Can Cure! (hahaha...)

This is another nice song by 品冠(Pin Guan) Ever since Wu Yin Liang Pin (Pin Guan & Guang Liang) appear, their songs have been composed to cater to every listeners. Their songs are always so soothing to the ears and easy to sing along. So enjoy this song!

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pat me to SLEEP! hahaha....

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

San Francisco Coffee

I was in KL for Dion & Swan wedding last Friday. But something else make me look even forward to the stay in KL-San Francisco Coffee!!!

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I tell you, their coffee is better than Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves and Starbuck anytime! I think they use really good coffee beans to brew their coffee. Their beef pie is superb too! And for their breakfast, they serve really good delicious American breakfast. I heard there's one in Terminal 1, but it's inside the taking planes area. What a pity! Give it a try if you ever see San Francisco Coffee-Life is Good!

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My beef pie and a cup of Golden Gate Coffee!

Marcus XA
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


天凉了 挂念了 有从前还是好的
这熟透的脸孔 我还真的舍不得
和你的 记住了 虽然将来会尘封

说声好久不见 沉默了

Marcus XA
YNWA @ 11:12 PM

Monday, March 12, 2007


Korea Super Reds V Gombak United

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I was at the Yishun Stadium this evening. There was a good crowd, especially the Korean community in Singapore, which came in full force to support their own team. But they were denied a celebration as Gombak came from 1nil down to register a 3-1 victory. Frankly speaking, this Korean team doesn't look anywhere near to what we see and view of Korean teams.

My observations .......
They were over reacting to tackles from Gombak, fall down easily, and was delaying time as soon as they took a early lead in the 16th minute. Their keeper was booked twice for time wasting while taking the goal kick, and eventually was given his marching order. Another of their player, kicked the ball furiously at the advertising board and was given his 2nd yellow, thus, a sending off. Not much discipline from the usually disciplined Koreans. They were also not fit. In the 2nd half, they couldn't generate any serious attack and you can see that they were not running as hard as they did in the 1st half. Basically, they were waiting for Gombak to attack them and were just contended to sit on their 1nil lead.

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The Koreans drew first blood!
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The Koreans just went down too easily. So many times you see them being stretchered off.
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The ill-disciplined Koreans eventually had 2 players sent off!

Eventually, Gombak managed to equalise thru Fazli Jaffar. It was a superb cross-field cross from the the right which found Fazli, who controlled the ball well to face the keeper one-to-one before stroking the ball superbly towards the left hand corner of the keeper's goal.

And when the crowd thought the game was going to end in a draw, the Gombak substitute, Kingsley, had other idea in mind. In the 87th minute, he went on a marauding run on the right byeline, then sent his shot across goal, into the bottom right corner of the Korean custodian's goal. And I thought this will be it. But the Korean defence just broke down. Agu Casmir capped his comeback from the wilderness with a solo effort. 3-1 to the Bulls!

Marcus XA
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Saturday, March 10, 2007

I started the March holidays with a visit to somewhere which I have wanted to visit for a long time-the Changi Chapel & Museum.
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It was a nice little museum which had everything about the Japanese Occupation of Singapore and some little history of Changi. When I think of how the Japanese government has been trying to hide their history from their own people, I really hope the Japanese kids should come here and witness how their ancestors tortured the rest of Asia. As people of God, we should forgive the Japs, but we cannot forget the past. We must learn from the past and make sure we don't commit the same mistakes.

One thing I didn't know before was- Pakistan actually had their army forces in Singapore to fight against the Japanese! And India actually had the biggest forces in Singapore to counter the Jap's attack. It was definitely a enriching trip on a hot Saturday afternoon!
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Since I was in Changi, I decided to make a visit to Changi Village too. Well, not to see Ah Gua (if u r thinking about them!), but to take a bite and a drink from their hawker centre. After quenching my thirst and filling up my stomach, I saw this nice little building, only to find out that it was the Changi Ferry Terminal! So this is the place where you will need to come if you want to go Pulau Ubin. It has a nice walkway at the back of the building which allows you to see the coastline and the sea surrounding Changi.
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After I have taken the pictures, I thought this place don't look like it is in Singapore! Really nice! One day I must go to Pulau Ubin.
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At night, Cindy & I went over to Ruth's place for dinner. She cooked for us! And this time around, her Chinese food were much much better than the first time when she cooked Tom Yam soup for us. We had raw baby spinach, mashed potatoes with mustard seeds, pasta and herbal chicken. And yes, lots of wine too! How not to drink when we are at Ruth's place.
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This Limoncello was 26% alcohol. It was power! We had to take it in shots!

So there you go, my very unusual Saturday!

Marcus XA
YNWA @ 11:17 PM

Friday, March 09, 2007

Today my school football team beat SJI Junior 2-0 in the South Zone Soccer Tournament 3rd/4th Placing match. It was a pity we couldn't beat Jing Shan in the semi-final as we had a lot of chances to score but had to bow out on penalty kicks. In the 1st half when we were missing so many goalscoring chances, I thought it will be a repeat of the semi-final game. But thankfully, the boys took their chances well in the 2nd half to finish the tournament as 2nd Runners-up. The boys had the honour of shaking Singapore's top referee, Shamsul Maidin's hands as they were presented with the trophies. The same goes to me when he presented me with the plaque. Too bad, nobody can help me take a photo then!

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The GESPS Boys!

In the final, Jing Shan beat St Gabriel 4-1. The Jing Shan players were really small in size, but they made up for it with their big heart and hunger to win the game.

Marcus XA
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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Try harder next time, pal! (Maybe stop calling yourself Deco-underwear! will help!)
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We are going into the Quarter-Finals!
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Yes, even though we lost to Barcelona at Anfield, we are through to the Quarters. We should have scored 3 or 5 goals at Anfield. 2 shots hit the cross bar while Valdes was at his best to keep out all the Reds' shots. I thought Carragher was brilliant again. The Barca's goal by Gudjohnsen was a mistake by Pennant. He failed to check Gudjohnsen's run and allowed him a clear run at Reina's goal. The other closest chance fell to Ronaldinho, whose shot hit the post. That was a mistake by Arbeloa, who failed to shake Ronaldinho off the ball. So Carra's come up top for his interception and last ditched tackles. There's a great chance that the Semi-Final maybe a all English affairs! But I hope not, cos' I love to see different clubs representing their own countries playing in the Champions League.

Marcus XA
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