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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Seven Things That Scare Me...
This is the scariest of the 7! Even though I'm a Christian and believe that there is heaven, the thought of growing old and facing death still scares me terribly. Eee......
2.Terminal illness.
To know when I will die is really scary!
3.Suffer from hyperventilation.
Especially when I am on the plane!
4.Someone is controlling my life.
a)When I'm on a plane, I can't do anything if the pilot loses control of the plane!
b)When I'm on a operation table, my life rest only in the hands of the
c)When the ship I'm on sunk and I'm left to drown in the big sea!
5.Being thrown into the deepest end of the pool without any thing to cling onto! I CAN'T SWIM!
6.Meet with an accident when I'm driving.
Especially more scary if I suffer from head injury, punctured lungs, broken bones! Eee......
7.Hit a pedestrian or a motorcyclist when I'm driving.
You know even if it is their fault, the police will still say that I'm the one to blame just beacuse these 2 groups are so vulnerable on the road!

Seven Things I Like Most...
1.My love ones.
Especially Cindy, Connie and Tiffany.
2.Having good close friends to hang out with!
Life will be a bored if I've no true and committed friends. I rather have 1 true friend than having 100 uncommitted friends! Really!
3.Liverpool Football Club/Football.
I've like them since 1986, even longer than my likeness for Cindy. HaHa...What will the world be without this round ball??!!
The Church really gives me the sense of peace and calmness. When my life is in a mess, going to Church and seeking God's guidance and forgiveness always lift my spirit up again!
I live to eat! I get really miserable if I don't eat food that taste nice. I will rather not eat them if they are not delicious! HaHa...
6.Looking at beautiful things.
Eg. beautiful girls! YEAH! Who doesn't? Even girls love to ogle at them! Beautiful scenaries! It really takes all your stress and problem away man, don't they?
Who doesn't like money?? Even though people may says it is the root of all evil, I feel it is how you use it that may make money the root of all evil! I believe I will make good use of my money if I have lots of them! 1st thing- buy things for my love ones then give them to the unprivileged!

More to follow...

Marcus XA
YNWA @ 2:30 AM

Sunday, September 25, 2005

On a horrific Saturday for Pepe Reina ("Benitez's claimed best Spanish keeper"), the only bright spot for all Liverpudlians out there is Man United 2-1 LOST to Blackburn at the Theatre of "Shattered Dream"! Elsewhere, we continue to be entertained by last season's 4th place Merseyside loser Everton's 1-0 home lost to LOWLY Wigan. Michael Owen looks set to be the Geordies' new hero as his solitary strike gave Newcastle the second win in a row. Petr Cech finally conceded his first goal this season to a relatively unknown player in Luke Moore. But Damnit! LamPar scored twice and Chelsea continues their 100% run...

Presenting the BEST PHOTOS of the night...

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View of a REDS
The way Liverpool has performed in the first half of all their EPL games so far really makes me wonder if they should just play the second halfs! You see, it was really frustrating to see Liverpool adopts a ultra-cautious approach in the first half and only step up the tempo in the second half. This didn't just happened in the match against Birmingham but also in the games against Boro, Spurs and Moneybag United. Must Rafa's men really have to wait to be a goal down then start to realise that they need to attack? Isn't that already too late? So you see, in the end of the match against Birmingham, they could only settle for a draw. How frustrating it is to watch Liverpool's past 5 EPL matches! You can blame Reina's comedy of errors, but I must admit that Liverpool was just too overly concerned about making error, conceding a goal and losing possession. Sometimes, it just seem that they have forgotten that a match is won with the number of goals scored and not the percentage of possession you gained in the whole match!

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Marcus XA
YNWA @ 4:11 AM

Friday, September 23, 2005

24th Sep Sat
Birmingham 0-3 Liverpool X (2-2)
Is the scoreline a dream or what? But I am really serious that my team can vent their frustration in front of goal by thrashing an understrength Birmingham. Birmingham has only one fit midfielder and Butt is suspended. They have not won a game at St Andrews and their sad plight sets to continue this weekend. (Well, I REALLY WISH!)Crouch to bag a hattrick? Ha...

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Chelsea 2-0 Aston Villa X (2-1)
I certainly don't see Villa posing a threat to Mourinho's men. Baros may miss the game for Villa with a Achilles' Heal, which will leave Villa with just a recognized striker in Juan Pablo Angel. Villa will defend with all their might, but Chelsea will ride their luck again with 2 lucky goals. Best hope for all "ABC" out there, Chelsea influential players like Cech,
Makelele, Lampard and Robben getting injured during the game! That sounds like a great deal doesn't it??!!

Everton 2-1 Wigan X (0-1)
Will be a tight game. Everton will need to bounce back immediately if they are to rescue their season. Lowly Wigan will provide a good opportunity for Everton to redeem themselves. Cahill to inspire Everton to a victory.

Man United 2-0 Blackburn X (1-2)
Man United looks solid at the back this season. And the reason? Edwin Van der Sar. Blackburn hasn't look like the side which was so difficult to break down towards the end of last season and with Rooney, Van Nistelrooy leading the frontine for the Red Devils, you will certainly fancy them to be among the goal scorers.

Newcastle 1-1 Man City X (1-0)
Man City could have easily thrashed Bolton 4-0 last week if not for the crossbar. They have looked a solid team who is hard to break down this season. Newcastle looks like they have turn it around after their 3-0 win over Blackburn last week. Owen and Shearer looks to be forming a formidable strikeforce. But don't be fooled by that 3-0 scoreline. Newcastle's midfield, who is still missing Emre, Parker, Solano, Dyer and Luque, was non-existence in the 1st half of the match against Blackburn. The Magpies' defence still look suspect and will always be! That will present Man City with a chance to nick a goal to level the score.

WBA 1-1 Charlton X (1-2)
Darren Bent to score again? Of course! Charlton is only playing one striker this season and he is benefiting from that superb 5-man midfield playing behind him. But West Brom will dig in and dig in and get a late equalizer. Gera or Greening the scorer.

West Ham 0-1 Arsenal X (0-0)
Wow, very tempted to go for a Hammers win here as they are going through a good spell while The Gunners will missed Henry again, and also Bergkamp and Pires. But with Campbell back, I believe he will lead his defence to a cleansheet. Don't be surprised if West Ham emerged victors from this game though. But for my brother's sake, hope that doesn't happen!

Bolton 0-0 Portsmouth X (1-0)
Portsmouth needs a positive result after crashing out in the Carling Cup in mid-week. Their players will be fired up to save their boss Perrin's job. Bolton has looked inconsistent in front of goal.

25th Sep Sun
Middlesbrough 3-1 Sunderland
North Midlands derby doesn't come bigger than this. But Sunderland has already looked like relegation candidate so early in the season. They just do not have enough Premiership quality player in the squad.

26th Sep Mon
Tottenham 0-2 Fulham
No Carrick to pull the strings in the center, I just have a feeling this charged up's London derby will spring a surprise with a Fulham's win. Boamorte and McBride to get the goals.

Marcus XA
YNWA @ 11:18 PM

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After 17months out injured and to come back to mark your debut for your new club with AN OWN GOAL and ONE RED CARD, I don't think anyone else will match that anywhere in the world! There's just only one JONATHAN WOODGATE!

Marcus XA
YNWA @ 12:39 AM

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

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A blog refers to a online diary. If it is classified under this category, then I don't see why there should be a restriction on the things that bloggers write in their blogs.

When we were young, we were always told not to do this, not to touch that and others because of the consequences that will follow. We follow rules because of the fear of punishment.

As we grow older and wiser, we avoid doing things that are not right because we know they are wrong, and not because we fear of being punished.

In today's society, we are told to speak out. In Universities, we are taught to be expressive and vocal. We are being told that this school of thought will teach us to be more proactive and creative. In Primary school, teachers are told to hold more discussions with their kids as we move towards a more "discussion-orientated", "2-way communications, less "spoon-feed" system.

Have we succeeded in making people more vocal and creative?

Yes- to a certain percentage. Kids are becoming bolder in challenging their teachers' comments. Tertiary students are more becoming more innovative with their works.

No- because once you are out of the education system, you have to hold yourself responsible for what you say and one wrong move can send you into deep shit! That's why in seminars and public discussion, people will only say 2 words, i.e NO COMMENT! In public discussion, we need people to tell us what we can say and what we can't. We are always told to be sensitive towards our neighbours. Yes, we can be sensitive verbally, but are our thoughts really in line with those "politically right-sensitive" remarks? There will always be instances whereby one group is not accepting toward most out there and the majority has to be doubly sensitve, gracious and accepting toward that single group. Isn't that a fact? And this is so common in multi-racial regions. When a fact is spoken, we risk being persecuted!

I say, for all the remarks that people made without the concern for that big word "SENSITIVITY", the society is definitely experiencing the costs that openess and expressivesness in the educational system has brought about. Bear the costs, but stop asking those poor chaps (who must have been very obedient in school to have followed the "outspoken" system and brought that along with them even when they left school!) to bear it in court!

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Marcus XA
YNWA @ 12:13 AM

Monday, September 19, 2005

Have been feeling very lazy to write anything here. Thus, you don't see my predictions for EPL game 6 too. Well, I guess there are better things for me to do then to be consistently preoccupied by this silly blog of mine here...My PC is going bonkers nowadays with the invasion of spyware, adware, tupperware and whatever wares you can find lah...I can't even read blogs that have music with them, hence, I decided to remove music from my blog too...

6 games played and Chelski is still undefeated and not conceded any ball! Damnit! EPL is looking bored at the top. But at least my beloved Liverpool can proudly claim that they have not conceded any goal too! But they desperately needs to score soon! C'mon Rafa, play 2 strikers can? Luis Garcia is continuing to make my blood boil. He can't pass, can't score, can't anticipate any of his team mates' movements! And Rafa still kept him till the end of the game against Ganster United!
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Running out of patience with you Luis Garcia...
Too bad we didn't manage to see "Looney" clapping in the match! I strongly believe that a striker should always be given a run in the team, rather than playing one game, and the next game he is a substitute. This is becoming all too common for the Liverpool team, especially Ciise. I think he will begin to feel frustrated and I wish not to see another Milan Baros situation here. I'm glad Owen finally found his mark even though he is no longer here at Liverpool. Man City was really unlucky to lose to a last minute penalty to Bolton. They strucked the cross-bar at least 4 times during the match! Stuart Pearce must be wondering what his players must do to put the ball into the net. It could have been 4-0 as his team totally dominated over Bolton!

To the La Liga... things certainly looking bright for the team I support in La Liga- Deportivo La Coruna. After 3 games, they are 2nd, level on point with Getafe, who are, surprisingly, standing at the top of table. Real Madrid has now lost 3 games in a row and that makes me a very happy man. They not only lost their game at Espanyol, but also lost their head! My brother Alvin will certainly find great joy in knowing about the sending off of "The Beast" Julio Baptista during that game! Barcelona lost to Athletico Madrid and that brings me joy too. Really sickening to see them play that well. Eto'o can't seems to stop scoring and Giuly is still providing excellent passes on the Barca's left flank. Just why he is not in the French team, I really don't have a clue. Villarreal, who finished a high 3rd position last season, is struggling in 2nd spot from bottom.
Image hosted by
My favourite SuperDepor players- Valeron & Tristan

This week, no Champions League action. Phew! Don't have to wake up in the middle of the night. I will be catching Tampines play the Jordanian team, Al Faisaly, this Wed in the Asian Cup. Hope they can overturn the 1nil deficit. Things are hotting up in the S-League too, Tampines are just 1 point ahead of 2nd place Woodlands. Seems like The Stags are suffering from fatigue. I won't be surprised to see Woodlands becoming the S-League champion for the first time as they seem to be peaking at the right time. I really hope Singaporean will make an extra effort to watch a "live" S-League match. It is totally different from watching a match from the "idiot box"! To all who still look down on our own league, I say, you probably don't know anything about local football! I admit when our league first started, the standard of play was quite pathetic. I urge you to look at the S-League and you will beg to differ!

Marcus XA
YNWA @ 11:26 PM

Alvin and I were at Piazza on Sunday to catch the EPL match between Liverpool and Man United. We asked for a table at the non air-conditioned area and was promptly given one by the waitress. As we were about to order our food, a waiter (probably a higher positioned one, cos' I DO NOT think he deserved to be called a F&B manager or supervisor!)came over to us and asked us who served us to this table. We told him we had forgotten who as there were quite a number of waitresses. He insisted to know who was the one who gave us the table in a unfriendly tone and told us the table was actually reserved by another customer. Then he told us to move to the air-conditioned area. We were totally infuriated by his action. I mean, was it our fault that we occupied that table in the first place? NO! So why does he have to make us bear the cost of somebody's else fault? Alvin's eyes were burning with fire as he gave that bloody idiot his trademark stare! That idiot continued to insist that we move over to the air-conditioned area. At that moment, I made up my mind and told Alvin, "LET'S GO!" So you think just because your restaraunt is packed during EPL matches, you can be so rude and disrespectful to your customer?? I was telling Alvin that this bloody place is filled with "KIDS" with "Project Superstar wannabe hairstyle". He added by saying that these kids most probably still have to get their pocket money from their parents to spend at this bloody rude eatery! If that idiot thinks kids should be his privilleged customers, then this eatery will "CHUI" soon! This idiot is not going to lose just 2 customers in me and Alvin, but the whole of Singapore! Cos' me and Alvin will spread this incident to our friends and the public! You hear it from us here first! DON'T EVEN EVER THINK OF GOING TO - Piazza, at The Atrium(the place besides Plaza Singapura).

Marcus XA
YNWA @ 2:21 AM

Saturday, September 10, 2005

10th Sep 2005, Sat
Birmingham 2-2 Charlton (0-1 to Charlton)
Chelsea 3-0 Sunderland (2-0 to Chelsea)
Everton 2-0 Portsmouth (0-1 to Portsmouth)
Man United 2-0 Man City (1-1)
Newcastle 2-1 Fulham (1-1)
Tottenham 0-1 Liverpool (0-0)
WBA 1-0 Wigan (1-2)
Middlesbrough 1-1 Arsenal (2-1 to Middlesbrough)

11th Sep 2005, Sun
Bolton 3-2 Blackburn (0-0)

12th Sep 2005, Mon
West Ham 1-1 Aston Villa (4-0)

Marcus XA
YNWA @ 5:59 PM

Friday, September 02, 2005

Thursday- Teachers' Day and also the start of Comex 2005 at Suntec... So I was thinking, well since it's only Thursday and not the weekend, the Marina area won't be so packed. As I drove passed The Padang, I saw sandy patches left over by the NDP. Looking ahead... Oh Damn it! Why are the cars not moving... First thought-terrible, must be Comex... As I approached Suntec in snail pace, I saw some road constructions... 4 lanes but only 2 were passable. Alamak, do they have to do it now?? As I turned into Suntec City, what greeted me was the big LCD screen informing me- CAR PARK FULL... Of I drove over to Millenia Walk (my savior whenever Suntec's car park is full!) Oh no, their car park was full too! Sigh... why didn't I just left my car at home and took the MRT.(So what's the convenience of driving, tell me??)

In the end, I took a breather, drove to Marina Promenade (Under the bridge where lovers love to take their stroll and Mediacorp's favourite filming location) Finally made my way to Suntec!

People, People, People... don't these peoples have to work on a working Thursday? They all teachers ah? So there I go, making my way looking for a thumb drive and a SD card for Cindy... As I squeezed through the crowd looking for the best bargains, something cropped up in my mind... Is our life so dependant on IT??? Even Aunties and Uncles were easily spotted at the fair. MP3 players dominated the scene... doesn't MP3 promote piracy?? Don't tell me there are so many who can be bothered to burn all their songs from their original CD album into MP3 ok? Yellow, blue, red, small, big, slim... you can find all kind of shapes and sizes of MP3 players! I don't doubt IT brings entertainment to our lives... but to see the amount of people spending a fortune on IT stuffs really make me think... Singaporean Damn Rich Siah! To be honest with you, after paying my bills, my loans and etc every month, I don't think I can even afford 100 pieces of CD-R!!(costs abt 19.90, quite worth buying!Quick, Comex ends Sep 4!)

With oil prices driving prices of most of our necessities up, I'm afraid we will have to bear more costs to meet our luxurious lifestyles! Staring at this monitor for long hours will also add more pounds to my tummy which will definitely incur more health costs for me in the future! So do we really need IT? 15 years ago, I could read more, devote more time to my hobbies(collecting stamps, drawing, etc...) Now, it's just internet, handphone, emails... People behind IT has changed our lifestyles, they have managed to turn us into slaves of IT! The lure of IT is so hard for us to resist! We could be holding a 5 mega pixels digital camera now, but when a 7meg arrived tomorrow, we immediately want to forsake the old for the new. The things that we possess now has no sentimental value at all when we change what we own at such a rapid pace. IT has changed the way we talk to our family, we have no patience to listen, we have no time for people who care for us, people are getting cold. We delete anything with a simple click... things have become so worthless. We can keep a birthday card for as long as we live, but a e-card will expire in 30days...When repairing a handphone is so much more expensive that we can actually buy a new replacement, we create wastage and these wastage may just shortened the Earth's lifespan. Man is creating things that are destroying himself, if not their future generation...But we're happy to live in this IT age, cos' we have decided to be slaves to IT...

Marcus XA
YNWA @ 2:57 AM

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