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Friday, March 28, 2008




Marcus XA
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What's happening to me?

I am sick again. What's new? I am sick and tired of seeing the same doctor, telling her the same thing. I am sick of seeing the pharmacist at the counter, saying the same thing "yes, 2 days mc and may i have the receipt please".I am sick of smsing my reporting officer and ms wong, "hi good morning, i will be on mc today." I am sick of calling the school clerk, and saying "Hi Cindy, I am Mr Yip, I will be on mc today." Sick! You think I love to fall sick?! I just recovered from my giddiness on Sat and on the same night I had pork chop and Sunday after church's mass, I was feeling feverish and started to have diarrhoea and vomit. Sigh...went back to work on Wed and felt like a zombie. Went toilet to LS 4 times in the morning and nearly left school early. Thank God, the P6 went for camp and didn't have to miss more lesson with them. I only pity my P4. These few days I have only been eating porridge with soy sauce. Dare not eat anything from outside. Went back to see the doctor on Thu and guess what she told me? "Dr Lim didn't give you medicine to stop your diarrhoea ah?" Huh? So Dr Mary gave me some to stop it and my diarrhoea finally stopped today, now can't even pass motion. Finger crossed that the weekend will move on peacefully for me.

God bless me.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Marcus XA
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Dizzy spell here again...

Just to update why I have not been working for the past 2 days. I am having dizziness again... don't know what caused it but the doctor said it is due to stress and not enough rest. I hope I can be well again. My head is spinning really badly and I cannot lie down, can only sit up straight. Even as I am resting at home, I am worried about what's happening in school and whether my supervisor and principal will have something to say about my absence... ARrrGggH... how to rest well?

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008



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Monday, March 17, 2008





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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jeff Chang Concert

This concert was somewhat different from most concert as it was a collaboration between the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Orchestra and of course, Jeff Chang. This show was categorized into 5 parts, each with a theme and a introduction of famous artists from the 16-20 century. I thought the whole show was nicely arranged and even though Jeff Chang didn't bring the crowd onto their feet, it was definitely music and vocal that was soothing and therapeutic to the ears and souls.

The show started with the orchestra playing a melody of Jeff's songs...

Marcus XA
YNWA @ 2:19 AM

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Funny football match

Watch this! It's quite comical!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Attending S-League match

Tonight I got to watch a S-League match for free!

Take a look at where I was standing...

Yes, on top of a small hill! Haha... I have never done this before. I was 10minutes late for the match and I didn't have a cent in my wallet to pay for the entrance fee. Then I saw a crowd standing on top of the hill so I joined them.

This is the view I got, not bad lah...

Marcus XA
YNWA @ 11:11 PM

UEFA Champions League 1st knock-out round 2nd leg
San Siro Stadium
0-1 Liverpool
(aggregate score 0-3)

Yes, we are through to the quarter-final! Inter squandered 3 or 4 chances in the first half which could have change the outcome of the match. Their biggest culprit is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He didn't get a single shot on target throughout the game and was booed off the pitch by his own fan.

The 0-1 score was perhaps the difference between Zlatan and Torres. Torres only had 1 chance prior to his goal. And what makes the goal so impressive to Zlatan's misses was- Torres was actually not facing the goal when he attempted his shot. With his back to the goal, he controlled the ball beautifully, turned around, and bang! Goal! Zlatan has 4 chances, all facing the goal as he attempted to put them into the net, but he blew all of them away!

Towards the end of the game, I could see the Inter fans applauding...I guess they were clapping for Liverpool because Liverpool played so well that their own team couldn't find a way pass The Reds. Inter's players looked shocked and out of sort as soon as Torres found the net. They didn't pose too much attacking danger to the Liverpool's goal and I could see Julio Cruz looking tired and resigned to the scoreline. The last 10 minutes was all about Liverpool's passing the ball around without too much pressures from Inter. It was disappointing to see Inter's lack of determination to fight back. Inter just didn't stretch the Liverpool's defence enough, there wasn't any width to Inter's attacks and they kept attacking through the middle, which was easily dealt with by Mascherano, Hyypia and Skrtel.

Mascherano again had a great game in the middle of the park. He was everyone, closing man down, going into tackle and protecting the back four with ease. To me he was the Man of the Match.

So off we go into the quarter-final... so who do I want us to meet? As long as it is not an English team...haha... Schalke or Fenerbache is every quarter-finalists' dream draw isn't it?

Marcus XA
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Monday, March 10, 2008


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Sunday, March 09, 2008

The story about school breaks...

My mum was admitted to hospital on Thu night as she complained of chest pain. Initially, I wasn't so panicky but this thought started to haunt me... my grandpa, grandma, dad and mother-in-law all passed away during my school holidays of near school holidays. As you know, this week is the one week break for all primary and secondary school pupils, and of course-teachers. Thank God, she's alright now. She was admitted for 2 days in NUH and the doctor didn't tell her anything about the condition of her heart. (Puzzled!) But I guess if they never mention anything, it should means there's nothing wrong with her heart. When she was discharged, she was given medicine for her digestive system to prevent bloatedness and gastric. (Strange! then why didn't the doctor mention anything about her digestive system??) I really don't understand doctors and how hospitals function these days... We were just talking about the quality of doctors these days. They seem to be very cold and robotic, don't show enough care and concern about your condition. They ought to be the important caring personnel of this society, you know, just like teachers. Teachers teach because they have the passion to pass on knowledge to the younger generations. Doctors treat because they are the people who have cure our body.

Marcus XA
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Please visit and publicize this new blog of mine. Thank you all!

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

End of Feb

Yes, all the celebrations for new year have finally died down, march is here, 2months have fly passed us. What have you achieved so far in 2008? The kids have just completed their CA1 and I'm hearing more poor results than good ones. What's wrong with the kids? Are they really weak in their studies or are our papers just too difficult for them?

There were 4 days of class this week and I dead tired. Thank God there's a 1 week break soon. But so far, I know there will be 2 days where I need to go for workshop. Life of a teacher=can't choose your off days and even if the government gives you, they will make sure you go back to learn something related to your work.

The school senior soccer team only needs a draw next Monday to advance to the semi-finals. But the soccer coach it stressing me up! He keeps calling me and told me I need to work closer with my colleagues to address the soccer boys that they need to stay away from trouble and concentrate fully on the tournament. He also asked me to convince the parents of soccer boys who forbid their kids from playing in the tournament because of exams or poor results that their kids need to focus on CCA as CCA are very important in today's education system. They need CCA points to get admission to their choice of sec schools. I have never felt so stressed out by a coach man! But then again, I think he was pissed off by the disqualification of the junior team from the tournament as we have registered an over-aged player. He even told me that he wanted me to be around when the team is playing in the tournament matches as he sees me as someone who knows more and passionate about soccer rather than the other soccer teachers. It's a compliment which I had taken but at the sometimes, I feel a bit stressed too!

Today is Sat and thankfully my close buddy, YZ, jio me out for a karaoke session. It was the same group of friends who went karaoke a month ago, Zong, Rong, Lawneng and his gf. I was till coughing alot and was quite hesitant to sing, but in the end, I still succumbed to it. I love singing if you still didn't know. It's really good for relaxing and releasing your emotions. As usual, our topics on Nic never dies, and we still sang songs dedicated to him. I will forever remember the expressions on his face for every songs that he has sung in his lifetime. At some moments, I still cannot believe he has left us. Is he really happy over there? I wish he is, but I still think he will be much happier if he was still here with us.

You will surely be remembered... nic (1976-2007)

I have something to comment about channel 8 drama serials. They are getting more and more superstitious and I can't stand it! The 7pm serial shows this lady who volunteered for the temple so that the guy whom she love will have a change of luck. What is this? You volunteer for only a certain period because you wanted something. In this life, we are encouraged to volunteer for the good of others and not because we want something out of it. Therefore, channel 8 is sending a wrong message to the audience really. And the 9pm show is about Chen Liping's role as a medium for (13 Lady, 十三姑娘). In the show, she is always trying to convince others to believe that she will have power to help them. And the worst part was when she asked this lady why did she converted to a Christian. Guess what the lady said? She said "I converted because of my daughter and I need someone to take care of my funeral when I passed away." Oh dear oh dear... is channel 8 trying to tell the whole world that people became Christian because of other reasons besides their belief in God? I wonder if I can send these views of mine to mediacorp...

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