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Friday, December 22, 2006

JESUS is the reason for the season

I don't know what Christmas mean to you, but Christmas to me is more than just giving each other presents and having lots and lots of food. One day I was shopping at Takashimaya and I noticed the amount of Christmas decorations, lights, reindeers, Christmas trees being displayed and yet I only found a small segment selling Jesus related decorations and products! Isn't Christmas all about Jesus? Oh well, to most non-Christians, I doubt so. What do most people know about Christmas? Simple-the day when Jesus was born. I guessed that's so much non-Christians know about Christmas. Most businesses out there try not to relate the religious part of Christmas to Christmas shopping. Most are cautious about being too religious, hence, they put up signages like "Seasons Greetings", "Happy Holidays", etc. They have totally forgotten that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus! Or like what I have mentioned, they purposely didn't want to make Christmas look too religious.

Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, the birth of new hope for the world, a time when we slow down our pace of life and start to look around us, the poor of the world, and to share our possessions with them. Most people feel obliged to buy presents for their families, friends, and forgot that material possessions don't last forever. I myself is at fault too. I am also caught up with present buying and feel I should buy something for my family and friends during Christmas. Sometime I got so desperate doing last minute Christmas shopping that I ended up buying things which others don't need! Silly!

I feel honoured to be a Christian because Christmas is celebrated by people of different race and religion. Christmas also teaches everyone to share and care. Sometimes I see my friends who are of another religion getting even more excited about celebrating Christmas than me! Ha! And there are other non-Christian friends who claimed Christmas as their favourite festival in the whole year!

Sometimes, I feel Christmas is a time when we make up for whatever bad things we have done during the year. But I'm glad God gave us His Son, Jesus, so that we can repent and ask for his forgiveness. So if you have not been good during this one year, do something nice during this Christmas period and continue to do good from now on. Buying present for that someone maybe good, but forgiving those who have done bad to you is even more important. Let all the grudges end and Let there be peace on Earth!

Merry Christmas!

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This is my first Christmas present! Tell me what you want for Christmas ok??

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